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Argentina: A journey from the tropics to the glaciers

Blockbuster impressions

The country, stretched from north to south into three climatic zones, from the tropic of Capricorn to the 55th parallel, looks like an exhibition of the achievements of the Lord God: here you have capybara water pigs, salt valleys, malbec, penguins, tango, yellow-bellied euphonia birds, and port color.

Buenos Aires is a European city built as in a parallel dimension: everything seems to be the same, but a little different. It has the grace of the Old World, but not its fatigue. Like all port cities, Buenos Aires is open to everything new and bright: designer hotels and cocktail bars, restaurants of all cuisines of the world, boutiques, coworking, art galleries… The historical part impresses with its aristocracy, and the bohemian and port quarters with its goofy charm.

You will remember the passion of Argentina and Argentines everywhere and everywhere. In the steam room, where the best steaks in the world are tossed onto plates from a steaming grill. Under the cold spray of countless Iguazu waterfalls. At a winery in Mendoza, the owner of which loves his wine so much that he does not send it to enotheques and restaurants, but sells it only to those who personally reach his winery.

We will take you through the historic quarter of San Telmo with its bohemian atmosphere and the colorful port of La Boca, show you where the best street tango dancers gather and where they pour the best espresso in the city…

If Buenos Aires seems crazy to you in the light of day, wait for the evening: real life here begins after eight. The city does not sleep until the morning – they sit down to dinner at nine, and the best parties start after two in the morning. The secret of inexhaustible energy is simple: the main fuel in Buenos Aires is not gasoline, but mate. Argentines sip an invigorating bitter drink all day – walking with a dog, sitting at an office desk or in a cafe with friends. The locals know that no matter how the day turns out, the night will be stormy.

From the capital, we will fly to the Iguazu Falls. There, from the observation deck located directly above the water, you will take a look at the gigantic ledge in the earth’s crust, from which 257 waterfalls pour out. Each of them has its own name. Do not try to remember them all, but we will introduce you to Dos Hermanos, Bosetti and Escondido. In their spray you will be born again – we can confidently promise that.

In the north we will definitely take a ride on the train Tren de la Selva. Don’t be fooled by his cartoon appearance: he is a determined conqueror of the jungle, who climbs into the very throat of the devil, to one of the most amazing waterfalls of Iguazu – Garganta del Diablo.

As we approach Patagonia, we will get warm clothes from the suitcase of the lively feasts with wine in Mendoza, it will not be so easy. In Patagonia, the majestic silence is broken only by the creaking of glaciers, the cries of birds and the sound of hooves. No matter how many expeditions have visited Patagonia before you, here you will always feel like a pioneer. No matter how many places you have seen call themselves “the edges of the world”, here you will find the one, the only, magical one. The seriousness of these landscapes is broken only by penguins: looking at how they briskly waddle along the shore, it is impossible not to smile. These funny striped shorties are named after Magellan, and sometimes it seems that their collective consciousness remembers both the great navigator and Darwin, who visited here as part of the expedition of the brig “Beagle”.