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6 reasons to book a private jet flight with Apatite Hills

Private jet hire

Business flight to Europe? Meeting partners in the USA? A private trip to an exotic resort?

Apatite Hills experts have carefully selected the best business jets of different categories so that you can quickly and comfortably fly to any part of the world.

Wherever you are planning to go, we will help you to develop a unique travel itinerary and at the best prices choose the aircraft that fully meets your goals, needs, habits and status.

Do you need a small, light and cosy jet airliner with 4 seats? Or a short-haul business liner for 35 passengers? Or maybe you need a prestigious long-haul jet? Our air brokers work with the entire business aviation base not only in Russia, but also in European countries and conclude direct contracts for each aircraft.

Do you want to save on the cost of your flight without losing the level of service and comfort?

Take advantage of the Empty Legs offer from Apatite Hills. This service allows you to save up to 70% of the flight cost by using a flight that returns empty to the base airport. With the Empty Legs service, travelling as a family or a company on a business jet can be cheaper than buying business class tickets on a regular airline flight.

Apatite Hills specialists know all the new aircrafts and will be able to quickly find an aircraft that fully meets your requirements. Even if there are only a few hours left before the flight.

After all, the most important thing for us is that you are satisfied!