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Travel insurance is a set of programs that allows you to protect yourself from unforeseen expenses during a vacation trip. The tour must include medical insurance. All our policies cover treatment and diagnosis in case of COVID-19 infection, because not all countries are ready to treat coronavirus at their own expense.

How to get insurance?

There are no difficulties in obtaining insurance. Check the insurance options available at the moment with our managers, choose the insurance option that suits you, pay in a convenient way and receive the policy by email. Then the policy can be printed out, but if there is no such possibility, do not worry! An electronic insurance policy is accepted by all visa centers on a par with a paper one.

Early return is an important point

It also happens that you need to return early. This may happen due to an emergency hospitalization or the death of a close relative. In this case, the cost of unused days of hotel accommodation, transfer in the opposite direction, travel tickets will be compensated.

Additions to the basic insurance

You can insure your luggage, in this case, even if something happens to it, it will be possible to fully or partially compensate for the loss. The amount of coverage can be selected independently when making a policy. You can insure yourself against flight delays, attacks by third parties, absenteeism and much more.

In connection with the pandemic, travel insurance is very relevant. Travel insurance allows you to either fully refund the money for the failed tour, or significantly minimize losses.

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