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the legacy of the Siamese kingdom

why you should go to Thailand with Apatite Hills

Travel to Thailand - discover the secrets of the ancient kingdom

We will show you another — unexpected, delightfully exciting and alluring Thailand!

We will introduce you to the traditions and customs of the Land of Smiles, its incredible nature and fantastic Buddhist temple complexes. We will take you to tropical islands with luxury hotels and luxury spas. We will show you the hidden beaches and coves. We will introduce you to the famous beauties from the village of Karen, who lengthen their necks with rings. We will hold Sky Lanterns, Floating Boats and other national festivals for the holidays.

With us you can:

go quad biking or motocross in the jungle;
walk through an abandoned ghost hotel;
have dinner in the revolving restaurant on the 52nd floor or have a cocktail right on the roof of a skyscraper;
take a picture with a sentry in the Grand Palace of Bangkok;
make a wish at Big Buddha;
dive into the shark tank;
go through the Green Maze and find the Upside Down house;
spend the night at the zoo and feed crocodiles, giraffes or an ancient five-meter fish-arapaima;
take a selfie

We will show you the best place to practice spotting — watching planes landing and taking off. Let’s tell you how to make a flamingo living in an open zoo dance. We will teach you how to eat the “king of fruits” durian and sangsat correctly. We will advise you where to order the best Ruby dessert in the kingdom or sweet rice in palm leaves.

We will think through everything to the smallest detail — we will find out your preferences in advance, coordinate routes, take care of hotels, tickets, transfers and entertainment. We will be there for the whole trip and will do everything so that you can fully enjoy the exotically serene atmosphere of the Land of Smiles!

Visa: not required

Air temperature: in winter: +22 — +33 in summer: +25 — +34

Season: from the end of October to the end of April

Duration: from 10 to 14 days

Currency: Thai Baht

Flight duration: 9 hours

With us you will see


We will tell you the story of mysterious Thailand, which traces its chronicle from the ancient kingdom of Sukhothai; we will show the ruins of the medieval capital Ayutthaya - a sacred place for Hindu and Buddhist culture, we will lead the pulsating streets of Bangkok past modern shopping malls and skyscrapers to the famous Royal Palace, Temples of the Morning Dawn and the Emerald Buddha

Nature reserves

We will guide you to places where the air is saturated with such tranquility and tranquility that it seems as if time has slowed down its hurried running; we will show you hot springs, picturesque canyons, waterfalls and rice terraces; we will tell you how to find blooming Rafflesia in Khao Sok National Park and introduce you to the charming monkeys of Angtong.


We give emotions and impressions! We will tell you where you can personally "hatch" small crocodiles from eggs, feed a winged or newborn tiger cubs; take you to night squid fishing and cockfights; explain the rules of bathing with elephants; tell you where it is easiest to see a mud jumper; introduce Buddhist monks or book tickets for the famous Orient Express with its nostalgic atmosphere and elegant and refined interiors…

Northern Thailand

We will take you to the city of a thousand temples of Chiang Mai; we will guide you through the narrow passages of the famous Mai Sai market, where inexpensive Burmese jewelry made of precious emeralds, jades and rubies are sold; we will treat you to traditional dishes in the night Chiang Rai; we will show elephant nurseries, settlements of highland tribes, a White Temple and a Golden Triangle — a village where the borders of three countries.

Beach holidays

Thailand is like a wonderful dream come to life, a cherished dream come true: luxurious beaches with pristine sand are surrounded by green palm trees and coral reefs; emerald-malachite waves with white lambs slowly rush ashore; gentle sun, boundless blue sky and a sense of freedom and happiness... Romantic lovers, crazy party-goers, businessmen accustomed to the proper level of comfort, families with children, and introverts who love privacy will find their ideal corner on the beaches of Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui.

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