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Amazing Rwanda

Why you should go to Rwanda with Apatite Hills

Travel to Rwanda — the country of mountain gorillas

The tiny state is almost lost on the tourist map among its giant neighbors. And if the words “safari” and “ancient tribes” no longer make your heart beat so often, but you still continue to passionately discover the black continent, then Rwanda deserves a place in your African collection.

Rwanda is the most atypical African country for our understanding. Contrary to stereotypes, the climate here is very comfortable and there is no sweltering heat, there are no mosquitoes and snakes, there are stunningly clean streets, kind smiles and European service in hotels.

Rwanda is a country of tropical forests, hills and volcanoes. Unimaginable landscapes will open to the eye as soon as your plane descends from fluffy clouds to land: a green carpet covers its entire surface, giving way only to rare blue lakes.

Among the reasons to visit Rwanda, one important point should be put in the first place: half of the world’s mountain gorilla population lives in the local national park. To meet face to face with King Kong is almost your childhood dream!

These giants, though many times smaller than the hero of the movie, are still incredibly powerful, although friendly, and the experienced guide accompanying you knows everyone here “by sight”.

Nearby, framed by volcanoes, lies the picturesque Lake Kivu, compensating for the country’s lack of sea. Cozy hotels have grown up around the lake, forming small resorts for those who want to relax for a few days with a view of the volcanic lake, and possibly swim in it.

Visa: registration on arrival

Air temperature: +16C – +28C, water temperature: +26C – +28C

Season: December – September

Duration: from 2 to 5 days

Currency: Rwandan Franc

Flight duration: 14 hours with transfer

Vaccinations: yellow fever immunization is recommended

With us you will see

Tea plantations

We will show you huge plantations and small private tea farms; we will tell you how this amazing plant is grown, harvested and processed so that it can be transformed into a stunningly delicious, honey-fruity flavoured drink that has already won love and recognition all over the world.

Mountain gorillas

We will tell you about the basic rules of communication with the "gentle giants"; we will introduce you to their vocabulary; we will lead you along protected trails, past farm fields and thatched huts, through dense jungle, to their habitats, so that you can observe everyday family scenes up close, literally at arm's length, and marvel at how much they are like us!

Bisoke volcano crater

We will take you up a steep path through small villages, incredible daisy fields and the jungle, home to the famous high mountain gorillas, to a mountain where you can admire an amazing lake nestled in the crater of a volcano.

Akagera National Park

We will take you to an amazing place that combines savannahs and lakes, mountains and grasslands, swamps and forest. There, from comfortable jeeps, you will be able to watch a family of graceful giraffes up close, accidentally bump into a company of striped zebras, admire a crocodile basking in the sun, watch an elephant bathing or antelopes going to the watering hole

Lake Kivu

Your soul yearns to go to the beach? In Rwanda, it's possible! We will show you one of the most beautiful, calm and quiet corners of the country; we will tell you why this incredibly beautiful, clean, surrounded by picturesque mountains lake is considered an unusual destination

Individual tours to Rwanda