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Being a coastal state and facing towards Europe and the Middle East, Kerala over the past centuries has turned into a very colorful region in the cultural and religious sense. Even a large Jewish diaspora used to live in Cochin, so there is still such an eclectic phenomenon as kosher Indian dishes in Kerala gastronomy.

If the Himalayas are the birthplace of yoga, then Kerala is the cradle of Ayurveda, the teachings of doshas, body types that are born from the interaction of the elements — ether, air, fire, water and earth. Now these two ancient arts perfectly complement each other, and this can be seen in the centers of Ayurveda, of which there are a great many in Kerala.

You can tune in to purification by going on a small cruise along the rivers and canals (here they are called backwaters), which permeate the whole of Kerala. To do this, you can hire a large wicker boat for a day, or even for a week, and surf the picturesque waterways, gradually abandoning the hustle and bustle.

Cruise boats are called houseboats, they look like baskets — wide, stable, braided with reeds on all sides.

You swim around yourself, rice fields and palm groves are green around, white-toothed Indian children wave from the shores and women in colorful saris smile timidly.

The boat crew will regularly bring watermelon juice every time you return from a walk to your floating resort. And on the shore you will be met by cheerful local children, whose main sport is to beg a ballpoint pen from a foreigner: in Kerala schools these are the main trophies.

Visa: must be issued

Air temperature: +26C – +30C Water: +25C – +28C

Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn

Duration: from 7 to 10 days

Currency: Indian Rupee

Flight duration: 7 hours

With us you will see

Eravikulam National Park

Valley of Flowers

Kerala Backwaters

Varkala Beach

Athirappilly Waterfall

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