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Why you should go to Brazil with Apatite Hills

Your perfect tour to the rhythms of Brazil

Bright, loud, unforgettable: a trip to Brazil has never left anyone indifferent. In Brazil, they like everything to be on display. Not telling, hiding, being modest is not about this country. Rio de Janeiro is built so that it can be seen from space.

If someone is going to dance somewhere, the whole neighborhood will know about it. If the beach is certainly the width of an airfield and filled with the most beautiful bodies of the planet.

Expression in everything: bright outfits, emotional music, expressive architecture. The power of nature — from the Iguazu Falls to the Amazon jungle.

The frenzied pulse of cities — life-loving Rio, business Sao Paulo, historical Salvador…

But even in a country living in the rhythm of samba, there are plenty of places for privacy — romantic beaches with white sand, elegant resorts, national parks.

However, do not be surprised if, even being a person of a calm temperament, at some point you catch yourself dancing on the spot, twitching your hips: Brazil is changing people.

Visa: not required for a period of 90 days

Air temperature: Water +22C – +26C; Air +23°C – +28°C

Season: all year round

Duration: from 8 to 15 days

Currency: Brazilian Real

Flight duration: 17 hours without transfers

Vaccinations: yellow fever immunization is recommended

With us you will see

Rio de Janeiro

We will arrange for you a helicopter ride over the iconic places so that from a bird's-eye view you can enjoy the majestic spectacle of its golden beaches, Sugarloaf Mountain and the monumental statue of Jesus

Copacabana Beach

We will book rooms for you in the best hotels located in close proximity to the world-famous beaches, so that you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an ongoing holiday and star parties.

Sao Paulo

we will get you tickets to the best seats so that you, with bated breath, can watch all the twists and turns of the Formula 1 Grand Prix from the stands

Brazilian wine tasting

We will introduce you to the best sommelier of the country, who will reveal to you the secrets of the art of winemaking and treat you to the most famous Brazilian wines

Pantanal National Park

We will take you on a horse ride through the reserve so that you can see amazing caves, underground lakes and waterfalls, get acquainted with huge otters, alligators and swamp deer, and admire giant butterflies to your heart's content

С нами Вы посетите

City of Itakurusa

On the comfortable schooner Saveiro, we will transport you across the Gulf of Sepetiba, show dolphins, giant fish and sea rays frolicking in the water, and introduce you to huge colorful parrots and lazy turtles


On a comfortable boat you will go on a journey through the waters of the Amazon, get to the giant water lilies and the place of the "wedding of rivers", master the art of survival in the jungle and learn how to shoot poisonous arrows

Foz Do Iguazu-Manaus

We will show you old Indian villages, organize swimming with pink dolphins and hunting piranhas; arrange an unforgettable night safari so that you can hear the sounds of the jungle and see the crocodile's eyes glowing in the dark

Meeting with guarani

We will introduce you to the Guarani-Mbaya people; you will take part in welcoming rituals, enjoy traditional dishes and hold an ancient tobacco ceremony with the elders of the tribe

Lensois-Maranensis National Park

We will show you a real miracle of nature — a mirage park with snow-white sand dunes and small lakes with blue, pink and green water accumulating in the lowlands during the rainy season

Individual tours to Brazil