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Dubai: Family whims

A tour for adventurous children and gourmet parents

Dubai is a miniature planet, a space station where people of all races and faiths meet, and there is entertainment for everyone to taste. Sheikh Zayed’s ambitious plan has worked: the scorched desert blossomed with skyscrapers and shone with lights. The Burj Khalifa, still the tallest building in the world, aspires upward with a brilliant needle and sometimes it seems that it is here that earth and sky, human ambitions and God’s plan meet.

For families with children, Dubai is a place where the craziest whims are fulfilled. Does the child want snow? You are welcome! Ski Dubai is waiting for you, 22,500 square meters of winter in the middle of the desert with slopes for snowboarders, skiers, with real lifts and even penguins, with whom you can chat and swim in cold water, packed in a thermal suit.

The city, built where the desert meets the sea, took the best of both elements and turned it into a luxurious Arabic fairy tale for children and adults. In order to master all the water and underwater entertainment, here n

Both adults and children are delighted with the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo – Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. In an underwater tunnel, you fall into the rhythm of the ocean: stingrays and sharks swim decorously overhead, the blue depth is fascinating. Here, by the way, your daughter’s dream can come true: for girls, photo shoots are held in the image of a mermaid, in a tiara and, of course, with a shiny mermaid tail. If you do not want to part with the image of Captain Nemo, you can spend the evening at dinner in one of the Dubai aquarium restaurants: Ossiano or in the famous Al Mahara.

The best water park, according to the local rating, is Aquaventure Waterpark, part of the gigantic Atlantis resort on the bulk island of Palm Jumeirah. There you can not only squeal heartily on the water slides, but also go on safari with sharks, feed stingrays, cuddle with seals…

The desert is the same as the sea, only without water. The winds move the dunes like waves, and the camels float somewhere on these sandy waves. The grandeur of the desert can be

It is difficult to believe that there was life and culture here before, but if you want to experience the history of Dubai and the amazing breakthrough that the emirate has made in just half a century, you definitely need to go on a picnic with the Bedouins. And in winter you will have a unique chance to see what the locals really live, the very 10% of Arabs who make up the indigenous population of Dubai (against 90% of expats): Camel races are held in Dubai during the winter months. You would never have thought that camels could gallop so briskly, and respectable men in white shackles could shout so excitedly.

Dubai is a paradise not only for adventurous children, but also for gourmet parents. The best products from all over the world are delivered to the gastronomic restaurants of the emirate every day by plane: seafood from Australia, lamb from New Zealand, foie gras from France, salmon from Scotland, so here you can satisfy any gastronomic impulses. All the most famous chefs of the planet consider their up to

One of the latest premieres on the Dubai gastronomic scene is two restaurants of the American David Meyer, loaded with Michelin stars. For his insatiable thirst for travel, Meyer was nicknamed the “gypsy chef”. One of his Dubai restaurants, Bleu Blanc, is stylized as a French farm: there is even its own herb garden and bakery. The second restaurant called BASTA! It is decorated with a huge panel depicting Sophia Loren; by the way, Italy is served here – a branch of the legendary Tuscan bistro Il Borro, owned by the Ferragamo family, has recently opened in Dubai: game, pasta and wine are delivered here from the estate of the famous family.

One of the obligatory Dubai rituals in recent years is brunch. The local TimeOut even has a permanent section dedicated to brunches. On Sunday, you can go to the Waldorf Astoria with the whole family and have a feast with an amazing selection of seafood, legendary red velvet cakes, which were invented in the New York “Waldorf” and, con

And, of course, what is Dubai without a frenzied shopping. From ultra-modern mega-malls to the gold market in Deira with its almost pagan atmosphere, with an indispensable stop at the counters of niche perfume brands, for example, </div> Khaltat, whose creator creates fragrances that tell how people fall in love – it’s beautiful, isn’t it?

The current Dubai has nothing in common with the artificial metropolis that the sheikhs began to build at the end of the XX century, realizing that the money earned from the sale of oil is most reasonable to put into tourism. Now Dubai is a meeting place for people who have traveled half the world and are used to the best, people with good taste and inexhaustible interest in life. Here, where the sea and the desert meet, they are always welcome.