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Uruguayan secrets

why go to Uruguay with Apatite Hills

Amazing tour to Uruguay

A land of countless cows and gauchos, Uruguay is a European pastoral transported to the banks of the Rio de la Plata. The country is sometimes called “South American Switzerland”, but you won’t find mountains here, only emerald meadows and gentle hills: the nickname stuck because of convenient banking laws. And, of course, because of the cows.

The first item on a jetsetter’s must-see list is the resorts of Maldonado department. Charismatic Brazilians and Argentines flock to Punta del Este for their holidays, Jose Ignacio has a special club atmosphere that you get so hooked on that you want to come back here every year – to that endless sky and wide beach, kites floating under the clouds and pareos fluttering in the wind. And to the world-class restaurants in José Ignacio.

For colonial charm in Uruguay, the bougainvillea-lined Colonia del Sacramento, a former Portuguese possession, still has azulejo panels. Here you just have to wander the streets with low mansions and vintage cars, occasionally popping into wine bars under ancient vaults.

The plein air in Uruguay is also good: in Minas Park you can climb rocks or wander on the hills, and if you come to Uruguay in winter (i.e. European summer), there is a chance to see whales, which swim very close to the shore near the town of Piriapolis.

Most importantly, Uruguay is very soothing on the nerves: tranquil landscapes, vibrant greenery, a measured way of life, generous peasant food: the perfect country-sized holiday home.

Visa: not required

Air temperature: winter (November-May) +15°C – +17°C; summer (December-April) +25°C – +30°C

Season: December-April

Duration: 5 to 7 days

Currency: Uruguayan peso

Flight duration: from 20 hours with connections

With us, you'll see


we will take you through the capital of Uruguay – a fabulous city with a huge colonial heritage, which delights and amazes with a bizarre mix of architectural styles, spacious green avenues, quiet alleys, wonderful gardens and parks

Carmelo Wine Valley

Meet the wine pearl of Latin America! We will take you to the wine valley so that you can see how wine is produced and stored, taste its best varieties, dine in a restaurant with local cuisine and even cook your own grappa!

Punta del Este

we invite you to the city of sun, freedom and dancing! Take a look at the famous monument "Fingers", go surfing, go horseback riding with a local gaucho, visit a trendy nightclub and try your luck at the famous Conrad Casino!

Thermal springs of salto

picturesque lagoons, endless fields, majestic mountains and luxurious thermal springs — we will show you a truly paradise of Uruguay, where you can relax and relax your soul and body


we will show you a unique village house designed by architect and artist Carlos Pas Vilar - an incredible architectural structure of a bizarre shape, where Pablo Picasso, Brigitte Bardot, Pele and other celebrities loved to stay

With us you will visit

Mystical Farm Estancia la Aurora

we will take you to a magical place of power — a powerful energy center, where, according to rumors, the axis of the planet passes, UFOs often occur and other incredible events occur

Afro-Uruguayan Carnival in Montevideo

no worse than in Rio! Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of the carnival with its rhythmic music, colorful, revealing costumes, cheerful dancers and acrobats, and the famous kondombe dance performed to a deafening drum beat


we invite you to a fantastic cruise to the most interesting places of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay on a super-modern comfortable liner!

Lobos Island

we will take you to the island of Lobos, where more than 200,000 sea lions and seals live on a small piece of land. You will be able to see how the water around the boat literally "boils" from a huge number of these cute, curious animals, and how they "hang in clusters" from the coastal stones

Gastronomy black beaches

for sybarites and gourmets! We will treat you to the famous "churrasco" and "civito", we will give you a taste of real Uruguayan Gaucho and a diamond of Uruguayan cuisine — the legendary beef on the coals of "parillada", we will organize a wine tasting from the famous tanna grapes

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