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Maldives: crossing Equator

Paradise Islands Cruise

Flying up to the Maldives archipelago, it is impossible to tear yourself away from the porthole: a whole scattering of islands! Small pieces of land surrounded by the ocean, decorated with snow-white sand and palm trees seem like hundreds of tiny pearls scattered among the vast expanses.

And having descended to the Maldives from a seaplane, it’s hard to believe that all this really exists: the water is so blue that it seems to glow, velvety white sand that seems to have been poured just for you.

But the Maldives is called paradise not even for this reason, but because only here, in the middle of the ocean, you can completely stop the whirlpool of thoughts and reboot. Maldives is synonymous with luxury, complete tranquility, carefree and a little lazy vacation. But do not get attached to stereotypes. We have prepared for you an exciting journey that reveals all the facets of a holiday in the Maldives.

To take a little break from the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s worth spending the whole day at the villa, enjoying solitude – after all, you will never meet crowds at the best Maldivian resorts.

And then change for dinner at a restaurant on the beach, where, burying your feet in the warm white sand, you will enjoy the contents of the plate, so harmonious that you will even forget to take a picture of it. This is your moment, and yours alone.

On such days, you can afford to feel the measured rhythm of island life, which is set not by the clock, but by the shadow of a palm tree and the barely noticeably changing color of the water.

And in order to dilute the everyday beach life of the Maldivian pacification with even more vivid impressions, we have prepared another scenario for you: if it suddenly becomes cramped within your island, which has already become your native, go on a yacht cruise.

Sea safaris are becoming more and more popular: on such a trip there is an opportunity not only to enjoy the ocean expanses, but also to get acquainted with the diversity of atolls.

It is not difficult to choose a route – it is possible to explore the “home” atoll and make a voyage to nearby deserted islets, or go on a big trip, along the way looking into famous hotels in order to visit spa centers or famous restaurants.

During stops on the islands, you will be able to get acquainted with the culture and history of the local people, the peculiarities of their way of life, as well as see historical monuments and objects of traditional art. At the end of the day, do not forget to relax in the Jacuzzi on board the yacht, admiring the magnificent sunset and the flocks of dolphins accompanying the yacht and jumping out of the water every now and then.

We can make up your daily routine in such a way that there is no time to think about pressing matters. In the morning – diving with a mask or scuba into the psychedelic world of colorful fish and rays hovering over the sandy bottom.

Here, among other things, you will have the rarest opportunity to take part in the planting of new corals: due to the increase in the temperature of the World Ocean, coral reefs have begun to collapse, and Maldivian resorts are actively involved in their rescue.

In the afternoon, a lazy vacation on a desert island in the shade of palm trees or the opportunity to master windsurfing and parasailing. And one of the evenings can be devoted to deep–sea fishing – if you’re lucky, your prey will be cooked for you for dinner

Throughout the cruise, you will be accompanied by a chef who, together with his team, will prepare delicious dishes of Indian, Maldivian and European cuisine, and arrange for you a themed evening, a barbecue on the beach or a cocktail party, and also, for sure, will tell a lot of interesting stories about local life.

Don’t forget about visiting restaurants: during the cruise, you will have the opportunity to make a kind of gastronomic journey, attend master classes on chocolate preparation and tastings of the most exquisite varieties of champagne, and even look into a tropical vegetable garden with a chef to help collect herbs for the restaurant, and then enjoy an unforgettable dinner under the stars.

Maldives now includes dozens of active sports, unforgettable gastronomic dinners from the best chefs of the world and educational excursions in the company of marine biologists. Traveling on a yacht on a piece of paradise, you will not only see one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but also discover the Maldives to the fullest extent.