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Tuscany: A wine paradise

Why Tuscany is worth travelling with Apatite Hills

Holidays in high Tuscan style

Tuscany is the Renaissance. And not just the one in Botticelli’s paintings and in the dome of Florence’s Duomo. Tuscany is a rebirth for everyone who comes here for a holiday. Here a person finds a second breath, discovers new strength.

Here you can feel yourself the master of vineyards, the king of misty hills and the lord of an army of cypresses.

Or you can simply enjoy the image of a traveller – wandering around Florence and Siena in linen trousers and “borsalino”, riding on winding roads, admiring sunsets that colour the landscape in shades of purple, competing in eating chianina and wild boar.

Tuscany is a special philosophy of luxury: a region that has always been rich, but does not like to boast of its wealth.

Here the price is not brocade and gold leaf, but harmonious proportions, things made for centuries, strong walls, family traditions, and, of course, good wine. Tuscans are very earthy people, practical, close to nature, but at the same time possessing refined taste.

The best hotels and resorts in the province reflect this Tuscan style: in many of them you feel more like a guest of an idea farmer or winemaker than a palace where everything is showy.

Feel the special Tuscan rhythm of life, measured but not lazy, and appreciate the Tuscan character – warm-hearted, friendly but also businesslike.

Tell us about your dream trip and we will find the perfect holiday to suit your plans, desires and habits.

Visa: Schengen visa required

Air temperature: +12C – +14C summer: +26C – +30C

Season: all year round

Duration: from 3 to 10 days

Currency: euro

Flight duration: 3-4 hours

With us you will visit

Medieval towns and the most picturesque Italian villages

San Gimignano, Piazza, Montelpuchano and many interesting places that you haven't heard of yet. We will guide you through the labyrinths of narrow but incredibly cozy streets of ancient cities and villages. We will show you ancient churches, towers and magnificent noble plazzi, so that you can feel the atmosphere, charm and originality of this paradise of the planet

The best beaches in the region

More than 500 kilometers of pristine beaches with fine sand, washed by turquoise waters of the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas! Prestigious beaches with a "Blue flag", deserted "wild" beaches, picturesque coves, ideal for diving… And what do you dream about? We will help you choose not only a resort, but also a hotel that fully meets your plans, desires and habits

Visit to the residence of the Princess

We will introduce you to a real princess, in whose veins flows the blood of two ancient noble families. During the dinner at the family estate, you will be able to taste wines from the personal wine cellar of a hereditary aristocrat

Famous Tuscan Wineries

Sunny Tuscany is the birthplace of the best Italian wine! Its production is no less a part of the culture of the region than architecture or painting. We will show you the world-famous wineries, invite you to small family farms with a centuries-old history and organize private tastings especially for you

Thermal springs

Tuscany is famous not only for its vineyards, but also for the famous thermal resorts, picturesquely spread out among the hills, medieval towns and cozy villages, Whatever time of year you choose to relax, the mild healing climate of the region will not disappoint you! Apatite Hills experts will listen carefully to all your requirements, take into account all the nuances and wishes, and will choose the ideal option for rest and treatment

Legendary cities of the region

Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca are cities that fall in love with themselves at first sight. Our guides will show you their picturesque winding streets, tell you ancient legends, reveal the secrets and secrets of buildings that even Google does not know about; they will take you to museums and galleries without waiting in line, and tell you the best viewing platforms from which fascinating views open

With us, you'll try

Taste of Italian delicacies

We will take you through the best cheese factories in the region, tell you about all kinds of Italian sausages, give you a taste of juicy olives


Italy is the real kingdom of shopping. There is absolutely everything here — large outlets, multi-brand shopping centers, monobrand boutiques. And to make your shopping as pleasant and useful as possible, we can provide you with a professional stylist to help you

Truffle Hunting

Enjoy new experiences! Go with the whole family on an exciting search for the most expensive and delicious mushroom! With our professional trufalao guides, success is guaranteed

Cuisine of Tuscany

A paradise for real gourmets! We will take you through the most wonderful restaurants and taverns: from Michelin-starred establishments to traditional Italian home cafes famous for their family recipes.

The excitement of car racing

Race along the picturesque roads of Tuscany, enjoying not only the beautiful views, but also a real racing car! We will carefully think over every detail of your trip and offer impeccable car routes for Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati

Personalised tours to Tuscany