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Khalilah PJ 48

Sports motor yacht Khalilah PJ 48

  • Total length: 49 m
  • Width: 11 m
  • Draft: 2.1 m
  • Engines: Twin 16V MTU diesel M94
  • Maximum speed (at half load): 38 nodes
  • Cruising speed (at half load): 28 nodes
  • Number of cabins: 5
  • Number of beds: 11
  • Building material: GRP
  • Cost in low season: from 235,000 €/7 days

A novelty in the charter market, the motor yacht PJ 48 series from the Super Sport Palmer Johnson series, is not only attractive in appearance, but its specification is equally sophisticated.

The PJ 48 is the largest carbonate yacht, which makes it light, fast and fuel-efficient. She has innovative windows using the latest technology, one inch thick and floor to ceiling, they are the largest windows installed on any yacht in the USA, which enhances the sense of space and allows you to flood sunlight, while at the same time refracting heat.

Her profile exudes a masculine and sporty style, but the airy look shows that the yacht was built in the shape of a curvy woman to glide gracefully through the water. Its width of 10.8 m provides excellent stability thanks to two sponsons, eliminating the need for zero-speed stabilizers, even cruising at 27 knots, and also provides a huge cabin volume similar to a multi-purpose one.

Sports motor yacht Khalilah PJ 48